Shipbuilding department

Petersen & Sørensen have modern facilities and tools for performing high quality steel works which meets the requirements from classification societies.

Our skilled shipbuilders, blacksmiths have many years of experience with handling complex constructions as well as replacing curved plating in the hull.

We perfom following:

  • All jobs in steel construction and welding.
  • Design and welding of steel construction.
  • Repair and maintenance within the shipping industri as well as offshore and heavy indutri.

Our shipbuilders can handle all types of jobs whether it is in steel,stainless steel or aluminium.

Education levels kept up to date

Our employees are kept up to date with latest knowhow and education. Our employees are proud of what they do, and can contribute with fast and efficient working moral.

Good working environment - Effektive employees  - High quality standard

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