Engine workshop

Petersen & Sørensen have just moved to new facilities on Frederiksø 14 which is up to the highest standard.

In the engine workshop we can perform, installations and rebuilding within the marine- and industrial segment.

Marine- and industrial engines

We make repair of cylinder heads, valves, pistons, liners, turbocharger, chargeair cooler and fuel pumps.

Honing of cylinder liners with diamond stone. The standard is kept within the engine makers specifications, and the roughness is controlled with roughness meter.

Overhaul of engine block we can perfom with our own equipment - Chris Marine to make perfect straight sealing surface between engine block and liner. 

We have the most modern equipment for testing diesel engines. We safe time and can pin point the problem. We have electronic equipment for measurering crank shaft deflection with printer for documentation to secure optimal alignment.

Laser alignment

We are using the most modern technology for determining engine alignment. The equipment can also be used for various applications such as pumps, gear etc. A precise alignment gives longer life span of the equipment in question.


We use epocast 36 for casting under main engine, gear box, pumps etc. Repair and renovation og propeller shaft and propellers.

Overhaul and repair of propeller shaft and propeller heads

We have many years experience with overhaul of propeller blades, hub and components. We can trim all parts in our workshop to make all parts back to specification as new.

Installation and repair of hydraulic installation

We have a many years with hydraulic equipment new installation and fault tracing. We are always ready to help with service 24 hours a day.

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