Marine pumps

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Cargo pumps

Marine pumper

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Marine pumper

The pumps are designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -104°C up to +180°C. The material combination will for each order be selected in due consideration of the cargo list and the operating temperatures of the pumps.

The pumps are normally driven by an electrictic motor. If regulation of the RPM is required, a frequency converter or a hydraulic motor is optional.

Depending on the cargo the pumps can be equipped with an inducer for gases, a molasses worm screw for highly viscous cargos or stripping equipment with a flat valve in order to minimize the residue in the tank.

The pumps are normally delivered assembled ready for installation. The pumps are free to expand or contract as they are fixed to the dome flange and guided by a guide ring mounted on the tank top. Depending on the length of the pipe stack or potential slushing due to slacks tanks, it may be necessary to install one or more midsupports in order to avoid bending the pipe stack.

Worldwide Pump Service

Over the years DESMI has earned a reputation as a reliable service partner within cargo pumps. Our staff of skilled service engineers provides reliable service world-wide for centrifugal cargo pumps of most manufactures. From our workshop we provide parts at competitive prices at short notice.

Typical Applications:

  • LGP Cargo
  • LEG Cargo
  • Molten Sulphur Cargo

Technical information

  • Capacity range: Up to 1000 m³/h
    Pressure range: Up to 20 bar

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