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The DESMI Modular H pump series is the result of further development of the well-known DESMI Modular S pump series. The aim has been to produce a series of non self-priming horizontal pumps, based on the same components as the S series.

The H pump series has been computer designed in accordance with the latest principles, and the result is a modern, compact pump of ideal dimensions for simple and quick dismantling.

By means of an intensive further development both the efficiency and the capacity of the Modular H series have been improved compared to the S series.

The modular principle is based on a simple construction of standard components which secures easy servicing and low spare parts costs.

Eventually, the Modular H series will consist of totally 33 sizes.

The Modular H series meets the demand for economical and reliable pumps.

The Modular H pumps are the result of more than 50 years' experience producing pumps, supplied to customers all over the world.

Design Features

DESMI Modular H special advantages
Modular construction
The pump casing conforms to DIN 24255
Can be supplied in monobloc combination
Can be supplied for vertical mounting
As standard the Modular H series is supplied with gauge points on both suction and delivery sides

DESMI Modular H modularization
Irrespective of size and capacity the Modular H series is constructed of 5 standard components:

  • pump casing
  • impeller
  • bearing housing
  • suction piece
  • shaft seal cover

The modular principle aids a minimum stockholding as many of the components are common to the different pump sizes. Furthermore, all components, except the pump casing, form part of the well known DESMI Modular S series.
This means that production costs are low, and consequently our customers will benefit from competitive prices and better service.

The closed impeller is manufactured with single curved blades with relief blades on the back. This leads to an efficient relief of the hydraulic longitudinal forces, and therefore the pump accepts high revolutions.
The bearing housing is fitted with single groove radial ball bearings dimensioned to a life of about 25,000 working hours.
Suction and pressure branches are designed as flange connections according to DIN 24255.

The shaft seal cover is fitted with a mechanical shaft seal. This seal is standard with ceramic seat ring which has excellent wear qualities.

This excludes wear on the shaft avoiding increased power loads as is often the consequence of wrongly adjusted gland packing fitted in other pumps. Max. liquid temperature 120°C.

The pumps of the Modular H series are - as far as the pump casing is concerned - norm pumps according to DIN 24255. This implies an advantage as the pump can replace many norm pumps, and in terms of price this means savings as the price of the Modular H pumps is reasonable and the life of the pumps is long.

Technical information

  • Temperatre range: Up to 120°C
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