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Marine pumper

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DESMI vertical in-line centrifugal pumps, type PVLN, cover a wide range of duties. The series is developed with optimum technical specifications, which give maximum efficiency even at high pressure levels.

All PVLN pumps are single stage pumps with "flat-topped" Q-H curves. For standard purposes the pumps are suitable for up to 120°C and 6 or 10 bar.

Design Features

The pump is mounted with a totally enclosed, fan-cooled IEC normmotor.

Serviceable construction giving advantages in installation and operation.
Short and rigid pump shaft in stainless steel.
Precision-made coupling, which secures accurate running without vibrations.
Close-coupled construction giving minimum space dimensions.
Flanged motor for vertical or horizontal installation.
Constructed for operation over the entire curve without being overloaded

Mechanical shaft seal which gives complete tightness without wear of the shaft and with minimum friction.
The construction with forced circulation secures efficient cooling and ventilation of the shaft seal, and consequently a long life.
The pump can be completely dismantled by removing a few nuts. The motor with shaft, seal, and impeller is removed, enabling inspection of all pump parts without removing the pump casing from the pipe line.

Design Details

The PVLN centrifugal pump is directly inserted in the pipe line. Therefore, lining up of the pump or special pipe constructions are not required. The pump can be installed horizontally as well as vertically.
This means that the pipe construction can be simplified and that only a minimum of floor space is required.

Low Running Costs

The pump has a "flat-topped" and stable characteristic curve and operates at high efficiencies.
When the pump curve of resistance allows it, the "flat-topped" characteristic curve gives the pump a wide field of operation with a minimum variation in efficiency and pressure height.
These features are essential for the construction of an economical and flexible installation.
The pump characteristics fulfill the requirements of ISO 9906, Grade 2.

Typical Applications:

  • Hot Water Circulation

Technical information

  • Temperatre range: Up to 120°C
    Pressure range: Up to 6 to 10 bar

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