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Capacity range: 2-1800 m³/h
Pressure range: 5-220 mWC

DESMI's NSL pump is a further development of the well-known SL pumps which have been supplied for marine and industrial applications for more than thirty years.

The NSL range is a series of sturdy and reliable pumps, and the development of the pumps has been based on the latest methods for the calculation of strength and optimum performance. At the same time we have attached great importance to developing a pump type that meets the special marine and industrial market requirements for high efficiency, low NPSH values, easy installation/service, specific materials, and further an attractive price.

The NSL series is available in 24 different sizes up to 14" and is in accordance with the classification societies' requirements for marine pumps. DESMI has obtained type approval from several societies and all classification societies' certificates are supplied on request.

Design Features

The pump is a vertical in-line, radialy split, single-stage centrifugal pump with connecting flanges according to international standards. The pump is designed for mounting with electric motors having different international flange dimensions.

The supreme performance is secured by casing design optimizing, impellers with double-curved blades and replaceable wear rings.

In order to achive maxuimum flexiblity when installing the pump, the casing is supported by a square baseplate. If the pumps (especially small pumps) are mounted directly in the piping system, the baseplate can be omitted.

The bearing unit is equipped with sturdy ball bearings and the small types are fitted with lifetime-lubricated bearings. In the larger types the lower bearing is a double bearing for which a lubrication point is provided.
A shaft in stainless steel with mechanical shaft seal of an approved make is standard.

The widest possible degree of standardization of components has been a major aim in the development of the series and resulted in the use of several common parts covering the range. The result of this standardization is a minimum demand for emergeny stock on-board.

Design Details

The NSL series is available in various versions securing the right pump for the job, please see the menu to the left for more information.

All pump sizes are available as self-priming pumps either by adding a separate built-on priming pump of the water ring type, complete with suction strainer and water feed tank, or by using an air-operated ejector priming unit. The priming units can be manually or automatically controlled by means of a pressure switch.

Typical Applications:

  • Main Sea Water
  • HT Fresh Water Cooling
  • LT Fresh Water Cooling
  • Drencher
  • Fire
  • Emergency Fire
  • General Service
  • Ballast
  • Booster
  • Fire Jockey
  • Drill Water
  • Base Oil
  • Brine
  • Potable Water

Technical information

  • Capacity range: 2-1800 m³/h
    Pressure range: 5-220 mWC

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