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Mekanord marine C.P Gearbox

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For heavy duty application in workboats with C.P.-propulsion.
Compatible with all common diesel engines and usual C.P.-propellers.
Max input speed: 2300 RPM.

Gearbox for bolting to engine on a SAE 1 flange or free standing.
Vertical offset: 337 mm.

Housing in cast-iron, with integrated side feets.
Helical gears in 1 step casehardened and grinded to marine quality.
Built in thrust bearing and hydraulic multi-disc clutch with solenoide valve.

Direct driven oilpump for lubrication, cooling, clutch operation and the complete integrated servosystem for Controllable Pitch.
Oil cooler for fresh / rawwater.
Design and manufactured in accordance with the rules of the classification societies, however not always with identical power factors.
Each gearbox is being tested in our testbench before leaving the factory.

Servo for C.P. adjustment: Axial movement 86mm.
Servo force: app. 120 kN.
Weight: app. 550 Kgs.

Technical information

  • Reduction: 2,48 - 3,0 - 3,54 - 4,14 - 4,55 - 5,11- 5,47:1
    kW / rpm.: 0,222
    hp / rpm.: 0,302
  • Reduction: 5,94:1
    kW / rpm.: 0,204
    hp / rpm.: 0,277
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