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DCU 305

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One of the key features of the RSP 305, is its ability to configure itself - automatically

RSP 305 is the correct choice for remote monitoring and control of diesel engine control panels type DCU 305. On the RSP 305 the information is presented in the same fashion as on the DCU 305. All commands such as Start, Stop, Standby/Manual and Reset are available.

The informative main page displays the most important information from each engine. At the press of a button, the operator can choose to zoom in at any of the engines.


RSP 305 connects to the communication port of one or several (up to four) DCU 305 R1/R2/R3 units.
A mix of units is allowed, eg 1x DCU 305 R1 and 2x DCU 305 R2 units.

Automatic Configuration

RSP 305 configures itself completely automatically by reading the configuration in all the connected DCU 305 units.

This means the RSP 305 is immediately ready for use, and no configuration is necessary at the time of commissioning!

Alarm List

The Alarm List displays all alarms from all engines (DCU units) in the network, and the operator can choose to sort them chronologically, pr engine or by severity.


The built-in log stores and displays all alarms and events, from all connected units.


RSP 305 is compatible with DCU 305 R3, DCU 305 R2 and DCU 305 R1 (ver 2.1 and greater).

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