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DCU 305 R2

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The DCU 305 R2 is an electronic control unit for control and monitoring of diesel engines used as propulsion engines or gensets

DCU 305 R2 is classified by major societies for marine use. It has built-in communication facilities and can be expanded with slavepanels.

Switches and senders from the engines are connected to the control unit on the wire terminal card RK-66 R2.

Each project is unique, which is why the DCU 305 R2 is customized using a configuration tool for Windows®, the Rudolf R2 software.

Different expansion cards exist to further enhance the possibilities and flexibility.


Configuration is easily done by the project engineer with a user-friendly and intuitive windows program; the Rudolf R2.

With a click on the mouse, the configuration is downloaded into flash memory in the control unit.

All channels have their own attributes of warning, alarm or shutdown depending on the require-ments.

Further, the DCU 305 A R2 can be set to operate in three different modes: Emergency,

Auxiliary or Combined.

The DCU 305 P R2 is the Propulsion mode unit. Instead of the Standby/Manual button it has a power-on keyswitch.


Two sizes of extra relay cards can be connected; one 6-channel and one 14-channel card. All relay channels are configurable from a pool of available signals and functions. For analog expansion, one 6-channel card exists. This increases the number of analog channels from the 5 standard, to 11 channels altogether. The built-in communication port is ready for use and can be connected to the DCU 305 R2 Slave Panel, or a printer for output of all alarms and events. The Slave Panel can communicate with numerous DCU 305 R2 units.

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